Welcome to the top of the ladder, kid.

B-K HQ is by all means a normal office. Okay, I guess normal is relative and maybe I’ve been here long enough that I’ve become blinded to the things that make us…different. Here are five things that surprise our visitors:

1. You’re the what?: So I recently got a promotion that came with a much more apt new title. I am now the Chief of First Impressions. No joke; that is really my title. Unfortunately, everyone seems to think I’m joking when I introduce myself now. I’ve started carrying business cards on my person for proof.

2. I thought you’d be…bigger: People always assume that a publishing house takes up an entire city block and has hundreds of people running about and so they are surprised when they visit us and see that we have only about 25 staff members in a modestly-sized office. If anyone says anything condescending about the size, I’ll tell them that this is just the back office they were sent to and that important or relevant people usually go straight up to the 15th floor where the executive offices and employee spa and gym are located.

3. The CEO’s “corner office”: Steve Piersanti is our founder and President, so it makes sense that he would get the corner office, except that the corner is literally just that – a corner in the main hallway with a small desk and no windows (see photo above). People think we’re joking (especially since all other employees get private offices with doors that close), but we’re not. That’s really where he sits. What? He seems to like it just fine.

4. No Longer Corporate 80s Nightmare: Mercifully, we recently upgraded the office, plush green carpet and all. Guests familiar with the old decor have almost universally identical reactions to the upgrade: their surprise is not at how nice the office looks now, but that we finally did away with the old look. Their reaction is similar to what you would say when a friend finally dumps that ugly boyfriend or girlfriend (“Oh, thank God! I can say this now, but he/she was U-GLY!”).

5. Family Friendly (and Not): My first day here I was told by the girl training me, “You’re part of the family now, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I didn’t quite understand what she was trying to tell me at first, but I do now. We are ALL up in each other’s lives, and like real families, sometimes it’s frustrating, but most of the time it’s awesome. We’re just one big, happy, dysfunctional, slightly disturbed family.

I just realized that this is a very positively – toned posting. I apologize and will return to regular programming in two weeks.

  1. I just LOVE your new title — please give one of your business cards to Bob Liss, so that I may see it! Thanks.

  2. In the early 90’s, when I was Editor in Chief of Heart Dance Magazine in the Bay Area, my byline also said: “Queen of Ditsy Details.” Those were the days…. : )

  3. jamie said:

    This is really quite lovely. Thanks for writing it! Now, back to the snarky please!

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