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At Berrett-Koehler we work together and play together by means of our monthly social events. Karaoke and happy hours are all fine and well, but we need to do better.

Here are five social outings I want to see BK go on:

1. The Pub Trivia Circuit: What good is all that publishing geek-knowledge if it can’t be put to practical use? This is where pub trivia nights could be really useful for BK staff. Creaming the competition would be fun AND bring us closer together! But let us not forget the true reason behind such a directive: beer!

2. The Folsom Street Fair: Okay, so you know how cities have those quaint little street fairs with live music and all? Well, we have those here but the Folsom Street Fair is definitely not quaint or for the faint of heart, but it is highly entertaining, plus, great deals on leather goods!

3. SantaCon: A flash mob of hundreds of people dressed as Santa randomly cruising around the city creating mayhem with the holiday spirit. And they’ll be singing “alternative” versions of popular Christmas carols. What’s not to like?

4. Glamor Shots: This next social event I think could potentially really jazz up our company catalog’s “About the Staff” page. Let’s make like teenages in the 80’s and hit up the mall for some awesome glamor shots! We can go the whole nine yards with props that show off our vibrant personalities like these guys here.

5. Be Tourists in Our Own City: Every now and then I’ll see tour groups being led around and told amazing stories about the buildings in the financial district. I think that we should all buy those cheap “Escape from Alcatraz” sweatshirts (because if there’s one thing tourists know how to do, it’s to match) and be our own tour group and randomly barge into offices everywhere while a nominated “tour leader” fabricates all sorts of stories (“And in this loans office was where Jesse James actually died”) about the buildings we enter.

Oh, please, it beats bowling!

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  1. fan said:

    I love it! Hilarious. Thanks, enjoyed, you’re really very entertaining.

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